Types Of Porcelain Tiles

Types Of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile comes in all kinds of colours, sizes and textures, making it the best selection for flooring, walls, bathrooms and even commercial settings. There are two types of porcelain tile by way of-bodied or glazed. These tiles also comes in three varieties: glazed, polished or unglazed finish, with glazed being the most typical porcelain variety.

By way of-Bodied Porcelain Tile

By means of-bodied porcelain tile signifies that the tile's color composition and texture is uniform all through the tile, not just along the surface. Tiles are made from a clay, sand and mineral mixture that is formed after which fired at high temperatures. By way of-bodied tile is extraordinarily robust, durable and able to withstand freezing temperatures. Unless they've a elegant finish, these tiles are slip resistant and scratch and chip resistant.

By means of-bodied porcelain is good for commercial areas because they withstand heavy foot traffic. The color will not fade because there isn't any glaze and if a tile does chip, the color is similar beneath, making the chip less discoverable. These tiles will also be installed in properties as flooring, on walls or counter tops, and in moist locations such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Glazed porcelain tile is made from porcelain (a combination of clay, sand and minerals), fired in a kiln and has a glazed finish. The glaze is usually tinted and is a glass wear layer (liquid glass) that's baked into the surface and gives the tile its closing color. If glaze is then polished, the tile must be sealed after installation to make it non-porous. The glaze end makes this tile stain resistant and has more color and texture options.

Glazed porcelain tiles are the most common selection chosen by householders because of sturdiness and the variety of colours and textures available at tile stores. Glazed tiles can seem shiny or matte and are extraordinarily durable and highly stain-proof. These tiles can mimic the appearance of natural stones like granite, limestone and slate, in addition to metals like aluminum and brass. Some varieties even mimic hardwood. These machine-made tiles come in all sizes and styles and can be used on the wall, ground or as a countertop.

All types of tile are more durable and dense than ceramic tile and require less maintenance than click here natural stone and hardwood. Glazed porcelain is more tough to scratch and stain and resists moisture and frost. It's a pretty option for high-visitors areas and is simple to keep clean. It does not should be polished or waxed and only needs sealing if a cultured or unglazed tile was installed. Finally, at a fraction of the price of natural stone can imitate this search for less without the headache of sustaining pure stone.