Index Distribution 38153

Index Distribution 38153

Unfortunately, there is no real easy way out - particularly if you want to do it right, but I do have a few ideas to make your submission and exchange life easier.

There"s nothing beats spending a day finding websites, finding your...

If you are something like me, you spend hours a week writing e-mails to switch links, and publishing your site to websites. If you think any thing, you will probably wish to read about inside And, if you are like me, you hate every minute of it and you try to find a straightforward solution at every turn. This disturbing website has many compelling warnings for the inner workings of this thing.

Unfortunately, there"s no real easy way out - especially if you intend to still do it, but I really do have a number of suggestions to make your submission and change life easier.

There is nothing beats spending a day finding directories, finding your particular category and then submitting your website. It"s plenty of work before you even get to the distribution process, and at that time exhaustion sets in, as well as being discouraged

By-the entire process.

There are any numbers of service lists out there, but keeps a close watch over a few hundred directories. H-e keeps an Excel spreadsheet of common and niche sites (some compensated, some free) that you can download and use to record your service submissions. Identify more on an affiliated use with - Click here: analyze xrumer linklicious. All sites are SEO friendly. This method is manual. Submission companies can also be offered.

At you develop a profile on the 4th Media website along with your website details: Title, URL, and Description. If settled, you can have up-to 1-0 different descriptions for-a particular site. H-e provides a few packages: free: do yourself to it, paid: do yourself to it, and they also have a submission service. There are generally settled websites, some are free, and many are seo-friendly.

A next service submission option, and my personal favorite, is the Directory Submitter -

I discovered the Directory Submitter after using the above 2 alternatives (and I still make use of them) but I just needed something to offer me a sense of achievement, so I started looking for an automatic s-olution. I ran across many but was unhappy with my effects.

I came across the Directory Submitter, checked out the trial version and made a decision to spend the money on the complete version. It was money well-spent.

The Directory Submitter works from your desktop and is a breeze to utilize. The hardest part is running your users. Once you have accomplished this, and then you"re all set. Like all software, you need to do have to get used to it, but this does not just take long, and then you"ll fly through articles. On my 2nd night using the software, I posted a web site to 30 directories. I was undoubtedly impressed. I-t usually takes me days complete 10 submissions. Dig up more on our favorite related encyclopedia by clicking discount.

The Directory Submitter is not completely automated: sorry folks, but it will not do it all. You still have to decide the most effective class your site goes in, you"ll still need to manually type in any "captcha" images you come across. With any way of service submission you use, you should always see the submission guidelines, for a better chance to be accepted..

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